Terrazzo Installation Specialists Serving Oakland

If you are a homeowner in Oakland who wants a premium level terrazzo tile installation job for your residential property then you really need to look no further than OZ Tile and Marble Installation. With a wealth of experience in all aspects of terrazzo installation, there is no job too big or task too small for our team of installation experts.

How Long Should it Take for my Terrazzo to be Installed?

To be completely honest, answering this question can be difficult since each project is unique in its needs. However, thanks to our years of terrazzo tiling experience, we are in a position to make a detailed guess in this regard. Obviously, a number of variables such as the size, dimensions and shape of your Oakland home will determine how long the job will take to complete. On top of that, the design complexity of your terrazzo tiles can also contribute to the level of complexity, and as a result, the time it will take for our skilled team to complete the job. That being said, in general, smaller-scale jobs with limited tiling complexity should take anywhere from eight to ten working days to complete. However, if your home is slightly larger and contains more challenging shaped rooms then it could take anywhere up to 35 days. The timeline for the completion of a terrazzo installation job is also significantly increased if you opt for traditional, cement-based terrazzo rather than the modern epoxy variety.

A Renaissance for Terrazzo Tiling

Traditional terrazzo peaked in popularity in the United States and Canada during the 1950s and 1960s as the expansion of suburban homes spread west. The economical tiling option that offered strength, durability and no little visual benefits was seen as the perfect tiling option for new homeowners who were taking the first steps on the housing ladder. In the intervening decades, the popularity of terrazzo tiling has reduced somewhat but in recent years it has undergone a renaissance among homeowners in Oakland. And at OZ Tile and Marble Installation, we like to think that our high-quality terrazzo design and installation service has something to do with this.

By providing our wide range of residential clients with traditional and modern terrazzo tiling, we believe that we are offering the best of both worlds. In essence, all we are doing is demonstrating the brilliance of this durable and elegant tile type—terrazzo is the real star of the show.

History of Terrazzo

Terrazzo is made of chips of marble, quartz and other aggregates that are suspended and mixed in a binder. This tiling material type is centuries old and emerged from the Venetian region of Italy in the 15th century. At that time, it was created as a low-cost alternative to marble and other more expensive materials. These mixtures of terrazzo were used in the terraces surrounding the living quarters of workers, and that is now the name terrazzo came to be. Early versions of terrazzo included Venetian marble chips being pressed in clay and sealed with goats milk for added sheen.